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9 Ways to Check if a Quick House Sale Company is Genuine

When you are pressed with the need to sell your house fast, the best place to turn to is usually a quick house sale company. This is because these companies have cash to buy your property in just a matter of days.

Even then, quick house sale companies have been receiving negative press recently with many people falling for unscrupulous firms. Thus, despite your desperation to sell off the property you need to ensure that you vet the quick house sale firm to ensure that they are trustworthy.

With the huge number of quick house sale companies craving for your attention, making a decision on the most trusted one can be a challenge. Even then, you can do a bit of research to before reaching a decision. This will ultimately determine the difference between a hassle free sale at a great price or greater misery that was the reason for the sale.

Here are nine ways to help you determine if a fast sale company that is trustworthy and legitimate or not:

  • Contact details – You need to pay attention to the contact details that the company provides. Generally, a good company will provide more than a telephone number or an e-mail address. This gives you the assurance that they can be reached in the event that they suddenly disappear from your radar.
  • Registration number – Registered companies are required to display their company details through a variety of company documentation. Once you have the registration number, you can run it through the house website of the company to ensure it is legit and other details that include a registered address and company name tie up.
  • Provision of the code of practice – A good company will readily avail their written code of practice. Companies that are reluctant to be bound to a written code of practice or particular terms of service usually have something to hide hence you may easily be a victim of small print and fees you did not expect.
  • Language – An ideal fast sale company should desist from using jargon in their terms and conditions. The use of jargon may be used as a ploy to cover up for terms that are likely to affect you negatively. If the company does not have the offer in a language you clearly understand, then consider probing them further before signing up.
  • Consultation charges – You need to find out if the company charges for offering an offer or a consultation. Companies that charge for offers or consultations are likely to be more interested in making some quick money from your unfortunate situation.
  • Testimonials – You need to establish if the company advertises testimonials from satisfied clients. Legitimate companies will be willing to share how their clients felt about their service by posting testimonials on their websites as well as other marketing materials. This is a great way of determining of past clients got a good deal and great service.
  • Use of independent surveyors – Some companies will take advantage of your situation and offer high percentages of market value for properties based on low valuations. You must always ensure that the company allows independent surveyors.
  • Does the company tell you if your dealings with them are covered by Data Protection Act – The data protection act states the kind of information that businesses can hold about you electronically and on paper and the subsequent right to access this information. Therefore, be sure to check that the quick house sale company is aware of their obligations.
  • Dispute resolution – Ensure that the company has a sound dispute resolution mechanism. It is common to encounter complaints hence the need to have a provision for the resolution of disputes. Most importantly, be sure to stay away from a company that cannot handle dispute or does not even have a resolution process.

Ultimately, it is important that you take time to understand these details from a company before agreeing to do business with them. Remember, some companies are crafty and will want to make a kill from doing business with you.